Knitting instructions

We have been creating knitting patterns for our own designs since August 2023. In order to guarantee and check the quality, the instructions are tested by various test knitters before publication.

Our knitting levels:

  • Level 1: Beginners (cap #merinomats)

  • Level 2: Confident Beginners (#cardiducoeur)

  • Level 3: Familiar knitters (#happycoeursweater)

  • Level 4

  • Level 5


Finally, our tutorial for the popular “Rainbow Mohair Cardigan” is available in our Etsy Shop!

The fluffy light mohair dream comes in two different sizes in the instructions, the fit is always oversize :)
Our instructions have been put through their “paces” by 6 wonderful test knitters, so we can guarantee the best possible comprehensibility even for knitting beginners.

We would classify the difficulty level for “Confident Beginners”: As a beginner it is feasible, although you will probably have to look up one or the other term :)